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F1 photos GP Bahrain (race): A new star in the Ferrari sky

F1 photos GP Bahrain 2019 - race
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About this 999th Grand Prix in Formula 1 history one will probably speak for a long time. On the one hand, because it was characterized by a lot of spectacular overtaking maneuvers, a close fight in midfield and a lot of drama at the top.

Leclerc convinces with a gala drive

On the other hand because the performance of Charles Leclerc was simply glamorous. The youngster put in a flawless performance in the Ferrari before the crippling Ferrari engine slowed him down. In the end, only third place remained. Everyone in the paddock agreed that this boy still has a great future ahead of him. And Sebastian Vettel has to be careful that the up-and-coming talent doesn't dispute his top dog role at Ferrari.

Vettel caused his own drama by being so upset after an overtaking maneuver by Lewis Hamilton that he performed a pirouette. Then the front wing also crashed away.

Renault also unlucky

Renault was similarly unlucky. The team also looked tragic. With only three laps to go, Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo dropped out practically at the same time due to a problem with the MGU-K. Before that, the two had already ridden on the route. Hülk drove the Australian over the end plate of the front wing.

We show you these scenes and even more spectacular moments of the night race in Bahrain in our photo gallery.


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