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F1 Photos GP Bahrain 2018 (Wednesday): Photos from the Desert Grand Prix

F1 photos GP Bahrain 2018 (Wednesday)
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D he sun is still hiding behind a thin one Cloud layer. Nevertheless, the thermometer shows a relentless 33 ° C. If at least a breeze would blow, but the palm fronds in the paddock move only wearily with the weak gusts. And so the mechanics who work in the pits and in the paddock have to sweat a lot.

Everywhere boxes have to be unpacked and parts have to be sorted. From afar it looks as if the screwdrivers are looking for leftover Easter eggs everywhere. But of course the containers have been packed so cleverly that everyone knows where to find the parts they need.

Formula 1 late shift in Bahrain

Because of the unusual Bahrain schedule on weekends, the first work on the cars is postponed until late afternoon and evening. Many teams only carted their employees to the Bahrain International Circuit around noon to start the late shift. The end of work is long after sunset.

As usual, we threw ourselves into the bustle of forklifts and tire carts and went hunting for interesting impressions with the camera. For example, we were able to take pictures of the unusual rear suspension of the McLaren in its naked state. You can find that and more in the gallery.


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