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F1 photos GP Bahrain 2018: The pictures from training on Friday

F1 photos GP Bahrain 2018
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N after the big meeting of F1 -Bosses in the morning, in which the plans for the premier class were presented, the action on the track finally started in the afternoon. As always in Bahrain, the slope was still very slippery in the first session. The 20 cars first had to sweep the desert sand off the racing line.

The error rate was accordingly high. Lance Stroll did the first spin. Shortly after the Williams, rookie Charles Leclerc's nose also pointed against the direction of travel. Both pilots were able to return their cars to the pits undamaged after the involuntary pirouettes.

Free training as a technique test

Verstappen had to push his car back to the pits.

The first session also had a lot to offer for technology fans. Because the conditions due to the dust and the hot midday sun were not representative for qualifying, which started much later, and the floodlit race, the engineers used the first session to test new parts.

Especially in the first At the end of the weekend there were a lot of cars in the bright FloViz paint. At Renault, McLaren and Red Bull, aerodynamic data was also collected using measuring grids. Max Verstappen's car stopped in the middle of the recordings with an electrical problem.

We show you the pictures of the first laps of the weekend and the technical developments on Friday in the gallery. In the course of the evening we will update the photo show with more action pictures under floodlights. So it is worth taking a look at us several times.


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