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F1 Photos GP Bahrain 2018: The pictures from Thursday

F1 photos GP Bahrain 2018
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I m the paddock of Bahrain prevailed on Thursday (5.4.2018 ) The calm before the storm. Not only the second race of the season cast its shadow ahead. The big meeting of the F1 bosses on the future of Formula 1, which is scheduled for Friday 10 a.m., created a tense atmosphere.

Those responsible were still holding back with big announcements. And so, as usual, on Thursday the focus was on the drivers and the cars. While the pilots were doing their press rounds, the mechanics were assembling their company cars in the garages.

Ferrari shows new diffuser

The new Ferrari diffuser is set to make its racing debut in Bahrain.

As always, we started looking for technical innovations. Ferrari pushed his car in front of the garage early on to do a first pit stop practice in the midday heat. The photographers were able to take a close look at the last diffuser specification, which briefly debuted in Melbourne in free practice.

Funnily enough, engineers from competitor Haas also attended the pit stop practice. The US team is known to have a close partnership with the Italians. The greeting was correspondingly warm. After the pit stop failures in Australia, the colleagues tried to learn something from the Italians.

Picture gallery from Thursday

McLaren, Force India and Red Bull have also announced new parts for Bahrain. Here, however, it took a little longer until the cars were completely assembled for the technical inspection in the FIA ​​garage. The Red Bull mechanics didn't come to the track before 12 noon. Apparently a night shift has been scheduled here.

In the gallery we show you the current onesPictures from the route in Bahrain.


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