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F1 photos GP Abu Dhabi 2018 (Saturday): Material battle in the desert

F1 photos GP Abu Dhabi 2018 (Saturday)
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D he qualifying Saturday started for Charles Leclerc with a bang. In the third training session, the 21-year-old slipped backwards into the gang. And that in front of the eyes of Princess Charlene, who had come from the Monegasque homeland to keep her fingers crossed in the clean box. But the mechanics repaired the defective rear wing in no time and the car was like new again in qualifying.

Gasly with crash and technical bad luck

Qualifying ended prematurely for Gasly.

While Leclerc raced into the top ten, things didn't go optimally for another youngster either in practice or in qualifying. Initially, Pierre Gasly had quarreled with Romain Grosjean, who did not roll out of the Toro Rosso's way fast enough. When trying to complain with a show of hands, Gasly drove into his compatriot, and a baffle plate broke.

The FIA ‚Äč‚Äčcommissioners were justified in their mercy and only issued a warning - also because Gasly had apologized ruefully . But fate showed no mercy for the rookie. In qualifying, the Honda engine gave up the ghost a few meters before the end of the first knockout lap and sent the future Red Bull junior early to finish work.

Hamilton show in qualifying

In the gallery we have the best scenes of one againeventful qualifying Saturdays. From the third training session in the midday sun to the grand finale under floodlights - the Abu Dhabi desert course once again produced spectacular images.


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