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F1 photos GP Abu Dhabi 2018: pictures from Thursday

F1 photos GP Abu Dhabi 2018 (Thursday)
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F ernando Alonso celebrates in Abu Dhabi his departure from Formula 1. His employer McLaren has come up with something very special for the grand finale. For the last Grand Prix, the Spaniard's racing car will not shine completely in orange as usual, but will be given a special paint job in the rear area.

During the technical inspection in the FIA ​​garage, the new look could be seen for the first time Consider proximity. The yellow-red-light blue stripe on the hood looks really good on the car. With this Alonso shows his love for home. These are the flags of Spain and Asturias. In addition to the car, the helmet of the double champion also got a new look.

Ferrari is testing for 2019

But not only design fans get their money's worth in our Thursday gallery . Of course, we also have a few snacks ready for technology fans. Ferrari will test in free practice with a special front wing from which all fins and superstructures have been removed. The engineers want to use it to collect data for the new technology rules in the coming year. Then the wings have to be made much simpler.

For the last race of the year, the mechanics were completely relaxed. Even sensitive components, such as the underbody, were shown openly without the usual espionage defense. In the queue in front of the FIA ​​garage, we were free to photograph all the details. It is well known that many new parts can no longer be discovered at the last race of the year. This finally puts an end to the secrecy.

Kubica announces comeback

Another secret was already revealed at noon. Claire Williams and Robert Kubica held a joint press conference on the roof of the team pavilion, at which the promotion of the Pole to the regular driver was confirmed. It wasn't a particularly well-kept secret. In Brazil, the radio paddock reported that the veteran will celebrate his comeback in the coming season.

In the gallery we show you once again the best pictures of the day - both from the paddock and from the pit lane .


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