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F1 photos Canadian GP 2018: pictures from Thursday

F1 photos GP Canada 2018 (Thursday)
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S ind that's already the first signs of new, more open Formula 1? To be honest, we don't know whether the new bosses of the premier class made an announcement to the teams or whether the engineers themselves have come to their senses. In any case, nothing of the usual game of hide-and-seek could be seen in Montreal on Thursday.

No counter-espionage in Montreal

The cars have been cleared for shooting.

Usually the mechanics push them Cars for technical inspection only in the late afternoon. If the cars have to wait in front of the FIA ​​garage, there are always some watchdogs around the most sensitive components. Too curious spies are to be prevented from unmasking the latest technology secrets.

But in Montreal on Thursday (7 June 2018) everything was a little different. While the cars were lined up one after the other in the pit lane waiting for the inspection by the technical inspectors at noon, the mechanics sat comfortably on the pit wall and had a chat.

Photographers can take pictures unhindered

They did not let themselves be disturbed when the technology paparazzi pushed their lenses deeper and deeper into the dark corners of the cars. Diffuser, cockpit, bargeboards - the racing cars could be photographed unhindered from front to back. Even at Red Bull, they just shyly put a jack at the rear, but it didn't cover much either.

Was it because of the holiday mood that always prevails in summer in Montreal? Or the fact that most of the teams arrived without major update packages? We don't really know either. But we didn't let ourselves be asked for long and snapped what the memory card had to offer. In the gallerytechnology fans are guaranteed to get their money's worth.


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