F1 Photos Brazilian GP 2019 - Thursday

F1 photos GP Brazil 2019 - Thursday
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L Eider, we cannot offer you any here in the photo show Offer sound samples. On Thursday things got unusually loud in Interlagos. The McLaren MP4 /4, with which Ayrton Senna was able to celebrate his first world championship title in 1988, turned some thunderous test laps.

The classic was actually only supposed to cover a few show kilometers on the Sunday before the race. But ex-pilot and TV expert Martin Brundle took the opportunity to rent Senna's car for a little jaunt. The Briton really let it rip.

Brundle wasn't the only one to enjoy the Honda racer. Bruno Senna, who is supposed to remind his compatriots of his famous uncle with the demo drive on Sunday, has also shot himself at the more than 30-year-old F1 projectile. The sound of the V6 turbo has nothing in common with the current engines.

The McLaren MP4 /4 thundered down the home straight on Thursday.

Technology experiments in Sao Paulo

In addition to the McLaren MP4 /4, we of course also show you current photos of the cars of the year in the gallery 2019. There are of course no more technical innovations to discover this late in the season. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look at the details.

We are expecting some experiments in free practice, with which the engineers are doing basic work for the construction of their upcoming cars. At Williams, for example, you could see on the rear wing that the flexibility of the tail unit was examined more closely in the first free practice.

At Ferrari, the rear wing is also the focus. Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel's cars were onEquipped with different versions on Thursday. Here the technicians are probably not entirely sure which output level offers the best compromise.

We took a very close look at the racing cars during the technical inspection at the FIA ​​garage. You can find the result in our gallery.


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