F1 photos Austrian GP 2022: Highlights race

Austrian GP 2022

One Ferrari driver wins, the other's engine bursts. The Scuderia experienced an emotional roller coaster ride in Spielberg. Mercedes dusted off the next podium. Sebastian Vettel collided while compatriot Mick Schumacher shone again. We have collected the racing highlights.

The Formula 1 boom currently knows no bounds. Red Bull's team boss Christian Horner sums it up in one sentence: "We have a new attendance record for every race." The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg was bursting at the seams over the course of the event. The organizer reported 303,000 spectators. On the Sunday of the race alone, 105,000 fans sat in the grandstands around the racetrack.

The euphoria was also mixed with discord. unacceptable. Over the weekend, reports and testimonies from those involved spoke about sexism in the stands and campgrounds. About homophobic and racist remarks. Formula 1 and teams condemned the behavior of some so-called fans in various statements. We can only join.

Spielberg highlights in the gallery

About the race: Ferrari went through an emotional roller coaster ride. Victory for Charles Leclerc. Loss of Carlos Sainz. The third triumph of the season was hanging by a thread for the Monegasque. In the last few laps, the gas pedal ticked and pursuer Max Verstappen came closer and closer to the Ferrari with starting number 16. Leclerc saved the win.

The statisticians counted a total of seven leadership changes. Leclerc overtook his opponent in the Red Bull three times on the racetrack. Ferrari was on fire on this race Sunday. The red cars flew around the 4.318-kilometre circuit while also keeping their tires in good condition.

The Italians would have loved to have spared themselves a fire. On the 57th lap of the race, Sainz coasted to a halt with engine damage. It was ablaze under the red paneling. The side boxes charred. So it was nothing from a possible double victory. Instead, Lewis Hamilton climbed onto the podium. The seven-time world champion gratefully accepted the gift.

The two Germans experienced completely different weekends. Mick Schumacher made no mistakes, impressed in the duel and secured sixth place. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, was involved in the next accident. Again he landed in the gravel bed. Again it didn't come to anything with the top 10.


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