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F1 notes GP Italy 2018: Vettel gives away points and marks

F1 driver marks GP Italy 2018
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V iele of these mishaps should not happen to Sebastian Vettel anymore. Lewis Hamilton hamsters his way from victory to victory, from point to point. Even on routes where the omens are against him. That can cost Vettel the title. Hamilton showed an excellent performance in Monza. More than 3rd place in training was not possible against the superior Ferrari. And in the race he fought Kimi Raikkonen down when Vettel was out of the game. Therefore the grade 10.

His World Cup opponent spun in a duel with Hamilton in the Roggia chicane. The fact that Ferrari Raikkonen lets drive his own race and he got in the way of Vettel is difficult to understand from the team's point of view, but Vettel has to accept it. So the World Cup runner-up got on the worse lane in the Roggia chicane and spun in the middle of the field after touching the Mercedes.

Vettel's objection that it could have gotten Hamilton is certainly justified. But the subjunctive doesn't help much. With his race to catch up in a badly damaged car, the Ferrari driver made up for a lot. The second fastest race lap shows what would have been possible without the crash. The bottom line is that three marks are deducted.

Grade 10 for Raikkonen's best race of the season

This time we also give Kimi Raikkonen a 10. The Finn showed Ferrari what she did about him with the accelerator would lose if they send him into the desert for Charles Leclerc. The pole position was well deserved, even if he enjoyed the best slipstream of the four drivers in the lead. The tire problems were due to the circumstances. Raikkonen had to speed up after his early pit stop. And he ran into a Valtteri Bottas who was told to spend as much time as possible on him. The tires protested.

Raikkonen drove alone against two Mercedes. The two against one scenario usually turns out badly for the lone fighter. It was then also a miracle that Raikkonen was able to hold onto the front until the 43rd lap despite the tire problems. Monza was the Finn's best race of the season. And his likely successor at Ferrari? Charles Leclerc goes home with the grade 7.

Driver grades GP Italy 2018

These are the driver grades from the GP Italy at a glance. In the gallery we have all 20 drivers in the individual review:

Lewis Hamilton: 10/10

Kimi Räikkönen: 10/10

Valtteri Bottas: 7 /10

Sebastian Vettel: 7/10

MaxVerstappen: 7/10

Esteban Ocon: 9/10

Sergio Perez: 8/10

Carlos Sainz: 8/10

Lance Stroll: 8/10

Sergey Sirotkin: 7/10

Charles Leclerc: 7/10

Stoffel Vandoorne: 6/10

Nico Hülkenberg: 7/10

Pierre Gasly: ​​6/10

Marcus Ericsson: 5/10

Kevin Magnussen: 6/10

Daniel Ricciardo: 7/10

Fernando Alonso: 8/10

Brendon Hartley: 5/10

Romain Grosjean: 9/10


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