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F1 noses are getting shorter: Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren with test noses

F1-noses are getting shorter
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D he new rule of thumb has given engineers a lot of headaches. Almost all of them couldn't believe their eyes when they first tried the wind tunnel with a 2015 nose. The downforce was reduced by up to 10 percent. It took quite a while to reach the previous year's values ​​again. The problem is that the nose already has a large volume at its deepest point. Thin fingers in front of the measuring point are no longer allowed.

As a result, the air vortices produced by the front wing are directed into different paths. The more the nose overlaps the wing and thus disturbs the flow. Anyone who has built a long, slim nose like Ferrari, McLaren or Toro Rosso does get more height above the wing, but that only partially solves the problem.

Williams engineer Rob Smedley was amazed when he did the long noses of the competition saw: 'I can hardly imagine that they would achieve the old downforce values ​​with this. We tried and never came across a green branch. That was only possible with a short nose for us.'

Nose crash test becomes a puzzle

Now the crash test comes into play. According to the rules, the nose must be at least 85 centimeters long. But the height regulation is no longer measured from the front chassis bulkhead, known as the A-A section in technical jargon, but from the center line of the front axle.

At Mercedes, this is almost identical to the A-A section. Red Bull has swept the front axle far back for reasons of weight distribution. Around 10 centimeters by eye. This shortens the crumple zone of the nose and makes the crash test even more difficult.

Last year, Mercedes learned how much know-how you have to put into the carbon structures of the nose to carry out the crash test with a nose that is only 85 centimeters short to pass. It only worked on the fourth attempt.

The competition is now experiencing this. Lotus is the only team that has already made it. Red Bull sailed through once, then, like Williams, built a bulb in front of the short nose and passed the second test at the last minute. The tuber should also disappear. Then Red Bull also belongs to the minimal nose faction.

Many registrations for the crash test

One hears, that at the FIA ​​the crash test dates are already piling up by the start of the season. For two and third versionsthe noses. Toro Rosso chief technology officer James Key confirmed that the long STR10 nose is just a test vehicle. 'Our goal is to have a different nose by the start of the season.' Which is easy to guess. A shorter one based on the Mercedes model.

Ferrari and McLaren are also said to have short noses in planning. The SF15-T and the MP4-30 in their current outfit are therefore only test carriers. The teams have built a long nose because the crash test is only a matter of form. That's how you want to scrub off kilometers.

At the beginning of the test drives, the main thing is to test the engines. In the case of Ferrari, the modified version of the previous year's engine. McLaren has the new Honda V6 Turbo. If the crash tests pass, we'll see the right noses. Possibly already during the Barcelona test drives.

In our picture gallery we show you the noses with which the 8 teams compete in the test drives in Jerez.


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