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Formula 1 at school
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M Mechanical engineering and automotive technology are important pillars of our economy. So that the industry does not run out of skilled workers, attempts are made to get the very young in schools interested in technology. With the help of Formula 1, tomorrow's engineers should be introduced to the subject.

Norbert Haug as patron of the competition

Under the motto ' Formula 1 at school 'an annual competition is held in which pupils have a miniature Formula 1- Develop and manufacture racing cars on the computer and then send them into the race. The patron of the project is none other than Mercedes sports director Norbert Haug.

The aim of the competition is to use the fascination and global presence emanating from the great Formula 1 and to create an exciting, exciting learning experience for young people . The aim is to improve understanding and insight into the areas of product development, technology and science. Ideally, some of the participants will then embark on a career in technical professions.

Award ceremony in Schwäbisch-Gmünd

Check out the results for yourself wants to convince of the project should come to Schwäbisch-Gmünd on February 27th. The State Championships South will be held in front of the gates of Stuttgart and the best participants will be honored with prizes.


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