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F1 half-year notes 2018: Vettel makes two mistakes too many

Formula 1 half-year grades 2018
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I In the World Cup ranking, Lewis Hamilton leads after 12 Race clear with 24 points ahead of Sebastian Vettel. And this ratio is also reflected in our average grades. With his five wins, the world champion has regularly received good reviews. The average of his grades results in a top score of 8.67.

No driver without errors

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Hamilton and Vettel both showed a few weak moments.

For a World Cup leader, however, that is not an outstanding value. Hamilton also had a few weekends to book - such as China or Canada - when he clearly played second fiddle behind team-mate Valtteri Bottas. Even with his victory in Azerbaijan, Hamilton would actually have finished behind the Finn if he hadn't suffered a last-minute puncture.

Sebastian Vettel won the team duel against Kimi Räikkönen more clearly. There is a simple reason that he is still behind Hamilton in the average grades at halftime: The Heppenheimer simply made two serious mistakes too many, which pull the average down properly. His collision with Bottas in France and the crash in Hockenheim push the average to 8.50. That is only enough for 2nd place in our ranking.

Alonso better than his car

Alonso showed in the first half of the season that he is by no means old-fashioned.

In contrast to the driver standings based on championship points Our grade table also shows who was able to get into the spotlight more often in the midfield. Fernando Alonso in particular always provided highlights. Behind the drivers from Ferrari and Mercedes, the Spaniard came in 5th in our half-time ranking. It clearly shows that his abilities are far from having to retire.

In our average grades, however, negative performance is also immediately apparent. Max Verstappen, who has always been a big player in the past few years, got off to a season full of bankruptcies. After the series of mistakes in the first races, the Dutchman can only be found in the lower half of the list. Things only got better from Montreal, which means that Verstappen was able to at least correct the balance up a little.

F1 half-year grades 2018

Here we have the average grades for the 2018 F1 year listed for you in short form. In the gallery we take another look at the individual highlights of each driver and provide information about the individual results in the team-internal qualifying duel and the average starting positions.

  1. Lewis Hamilton: Ø 8 , 67
  2. Sebastian Vettel: Ø 8.50
  3. Valtteri Bottas: Ø 8.25
  4. Kimi Räikkönen: Ø 8.00
  5. Fernando Alonso: Ø 8.00
  6. Daniel Ricciardo: Ø 7.75
  7. Kevin Magnussen: Ø 7.67
  8. Nico Hülkenberg: Ø 7.50
  9. Esteban Ocon: Ø 7.33
  10. Charles Leclerc: Ø 7.08
  11. Carlos Sainz: Ø 6.92
  12. Max Verstappen: Ø 6.83
  13. Sergio Perez: Ø 6.58
  14. Pierre Gasly: ​​Ø 6.33
  15. Romain Grosjean: Ø 5.92
  16. Marcus Ericsson: Ø 5.83
  17. Stoffel Vandoorne: Ø 5.83
  18. Brendon Hartley: Ø 5.42
  19. Sergey Sirotkin: Ø 4.75
  20. Lance Stroll: Ø 4.67


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