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F1 half year marks 2015: Hamilton season with blemishes

F1 half-year grades 2015
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L this year it looked like a march for Lewis Hamilton out. The Brit barely made a mistake at the start of the season, consistently delivered top performances and collected pole positions and wins on the assembly line. Only strategy mistakes by the team (Monaco) or bad starts (Austria) could slow down the world champion a bit in the meantime.

Hamilton and Vettel with the best grades

In the auto motor und sport rating, Hamilton earned 4 top marks in the first 6 races alone. No other driver came anywhere near such a yield. But shortly before the half-yearly reports were issued, Hamilton delivered one of the - as he subsequently admitted - worst races of his career. The grade 3/10 messed up the cut properly and ultimately led to his having to share his top position with Sebastian Vettel.

The Heppenheimer has apparently found his way back to his old strength. With his second 10 of the year, he managed to catch up with Hamilton just before the summer break. In 2014, Vettel was still behind on position 6 in our ranking. The change to Ferrari has obviously done the four-time world champion good.

Hülkenberg makes the jump from 9 to 4

With Nico Hülkenberg in 4th place, another German driver also landed at the top of our half-year ranking. After rank 9 in the previous year, this is also a big increase. Critics will certainly accuse us of looking through black, red and gold glasses when awarding grades. However, given Hülkenberg's consistently good performance in the first 10 races, criticism was simply not appropriate.

In our gallery, we can tell you what grade average the 20 pilots achieved and who the big losers in the first half of the year are.


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