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F1 half-time record 2015: Alonso loses 86 points, Vettel gains

Alonso loses 86 points
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E s is only a snapshot, but it says a lot . Sebastian Vettel hit the jackpot with his move from Red Bull to Ferrari. And Fernando Alonso with his transfer to McLaren-Honda the dead. After ten Grand Prix, Vettel has 78 points more than last year. At Alonso there are 86 counters less. It goes without saying that the Spaniard has to make the world happy: 'If we win once, the victories will taste all the better.'

Vettel has already won twice and has been on the podium seven times. After a complete season without a win. He is third in the World Cup and with 42 points behind Lewis Hamilton still has a theoretical chance of winning the title. A year ago, the four-time champion was only sixth with half as many points. Alonso only improved to 15th overall thanks to his fifth place at the Hungarian GP.

The car determines the market value

The front runners in the drivers' world championship have swapped places. A year ago, after 10 races, Nico Rosberg was at the top of the table with 190 points. This year he has 9 points less and is only second behind Lewis Hamilton, who has increased by 26 points compared to the previous year and is the only one who has already broken the 200 point mark.

Besides Vettel and Hamilton, he also counts Kimi Räikkönen (+57), Felipe Massa (+44) and Daniil Kvyat (+39) among the winners of the first half of the year. That's right: Ferrari problem child Räikkönen. The Finn is a loser despite the increase in points. He doesn't even have half the points compared to Vettel and was on the podium only once. Last year, the 2007 world champion fell even more blatantly against his teammate. Alonso won the internal duel in the first half of the season with 97:19.

Alonso is not the only one whose market value has fallen with the number of points. Until the summer break, Daniel Ricciardo had 55 points less than 12 months ago. The comparison shows how dependent racing drivers are on their car. Jenson Button is hit just as hard as his fellow sufferer Alonso. The Englishman's score shrank from 59 to 6 points.

Nico Hülkenberg also had significantly fewer World Cup points than in the previous season. The deficit of 45 points is due to the car. The Force India has only been competitive since the British GP. And so there isHülkenberg and Perez hope that after the summer break they will catch up on what the technology has so far failed them. 'This year we're doing the opposite of 2014. First half of the season weak, but strong at the back.' Hülkenberg has already achieved this once: in 2013 with Sauber.

In our picture gallery we show you the winners and losers of the first half of the season. And in the table we also list the points gained and lost. Small note: only the drivers who took part in both 2014 and 2015 are listed. The gaps in the table can be explained by the fact that drivers left F1 (2014) and new drivers came in 2015.


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