F1 entry Porsche: "F1nally" is protected

Porsche has naming rights protected by the Patent Office for Formula 1. Another indication that the announcement of the entry is imminent. It's high time for the manufacturer to officially announce the return.

For months, the Formula 1 world has been waiting for confirmation that Porsche and Audi have entered the pinnacle of motorsport. But the vote by the FIA ​​​​World Council on the new engine regulations for the 2026 season was delayed again and again. On August 16th it should finally be time. The 26 World Council members have had the regulations on their desk since August 8th. Everyone is waiting for the official announcement from the FIA. Porsche and Audi then have to officially register their entry with the FIA ​​within 15 days.

In the meantime, a new document has appeared in which the Stuttgart-based company wants to protect the name "F1nally". On August 10, Porsche filed an application for the name with the German Patent and Trademark Office. The word "finally" is English and means "finally". Porsche replaces the "i" in the second place with the number 1 in order to have the world-famous abbreviation F1 in the protected word. Finally, most people in the F1 cosmos should also be able to think.

Time is of the essence

Due to the planned IPO of Porsche in autumn, time is of the essence for the sports car manufacturer. Larger business projects must rest 100 days before going public. If Porsche only voted afterwards about joining the supervisory board and executive board, the carmaker would lose valuable time again. The competition from Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault has had experience with the power units of the hybrid era since 2014 and has a knowledge advantage. Honda got in in 2015. Porsche will be partnering with Red Bull, so the success of such ambitious companies is a must.

At the end of July, a document from the Moroccan cartel office appeared, in which details about the cooperation between Red Bull and Porsche are written down. The partners are aiming for a joint venture and want to produce the engines. According to information from auto motor und sport, the combustion engine is to be developed and built at the engine campus in Milton Keynes. The hybrid part comes from Porsche.

Porsche takeover at Red Bull Technology

The cartel office's document also shows that Porsche AG wants to take over 50 percent of Red Bull Technology. Thus, the partners would have equal rights when it comes to decisions in the Formula 1 team. The official reason for this action is said to be the construction of a chassis for one of two Formula 1 teams. It shouldn't be about the sister team Alpha Tauri. The Italians build their chassis themselves, but are said to be supplied with the Porsche engine if so desired.

The previous engine supplier Red Bulls Honda will not be very enthusiastic about the upcoming announcement. Finally, the Japanese have caught fire again after they continue to win and probably also world championships despite leaving as a works partner at the end of 2021. Red Bull recently confirmed its cooperation with the Japanese up to and including 2025. The engines will be called Honda again from next year. When the Porsche era begins at Red Bull, Honda would only be left with Alpha Tauri.


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