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F1 engine development: Mercedes is spending most of the tokens

F1 engine development
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L the 3 engine manufacturers have a secret about the further development of the Power units made. Now the FIA ​​rulers have announced how many updates have been made compared to the 2014 season. What exactly has been changed is not public, but at least the scope of the innovations was mentioned.

Mercedes uses 25 motor tokens

The modifications are measured in so-called tokens. Depending on the importance of the individual components, the engineers have to use more or less of these tokens for further development. In total, each manufacturer has 32 tokens available for 2015. This means that almost half of the parts of the drive unit can be improved.

The big question now was: How many tokens do the manufacturers use at the beginning of the season? And how many of the 32 tokens do you have left for further development later in the year? On Saturday (March 14th, 2015) the official list was published by the FIA. After that, Mercedes did most of the further development with 25 tokens. Ferrari with 22 tokens and Renault with 20 tokens have left even more.

Honda remain 9 tokens for further development in 2015

The number of tokens is also important for newcomers to Honda. As is well known, the Japanese built a completely new engine for 2015. The extent of the permitted further development depends on what the competition has left. The average of Renault (12), Ferrari (10) and Mercedes (7) counts. Honda thus receives 9 tokens for improvements.

It is up to them when the manufacturers push their updates. However, each pilot only gets 4 engines for the entire season. Drive units that have already been used may no longer be changed. If modifications are necessary for reasons of reliability, the manufacturers can, in coordination with the FIA ​​and the competition, retrofit as before without the token account being charged.


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