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F1 driver stopped by the police: Jean Alesi 60 km / h too fast

F1 pilot stopped by police
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D he Nürburgring is known to have a magical attraction for racing drivers . On Tuesday afternoon (July 14, 2015) a pilot obviously couldn't wait. According to information from the police, a video surveillance patrol became aware of a car that was initially traveling at significantly excessive speed on the A64 and then on the B52 near Trier.

Jean Alesi stopped at 140 km /h on the federal road

The Provida vehicle took up chase. Despite the horsepower disadvantage, the police officers were able to stop the speed sinner at some point. During the subsequent inspection, the officials were amazed: the driver was a former Formula 1 driver who was measured at around 140 km /h, where actually only 80 km /h is allowed. In addition, he was driven too close.

The police initially remained silent about the name. It was only known that he was active in Formula 1 between 1989 and 2003. It was already clear then that it could really only be Jean Alesi. The Frenchman finally confirmed the offense to the Swiss 'Blick' 2 days later.

Alesi on the way to test drives of the son

'I've been in my Mercedes for a few hours. I wanted to get from Avignon to the Nürburgring as quickly as possible, where my son Giuliano was allowed to test a Formula Renault car for next season!', the 51-year-old defended himself . But the excuse did not protect against punishment.

'The police officers were very nice, we discussed racing. But they still wanted me to pay more than 1,000 euros as a security deposit. In addition, I will probably get a two-month driving ban in Germany,' Alesi revealed. After paying the fine on site, the ex-driver was allowed to continue his journey to the Nürburgring.

The Frenchman who lives in Geneva had already been noticed in 2003 with a similar offense. The police caught him on the French motorway at 181 km /h instead of the permitted 130 km /h. At that time, however, the fine was only 750 euros.

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