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F1 driver grades - Bahrain driver's certificate: Only Vettel faultless in Bahrain

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F1 driver marks - driver's certificate Bahrain
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Fernando Alonso: 9/10 points
With 25 points, Fernando Alonso is the first Leader of the season. His racing weekend had only one flaw. In the qualification he lost the team duel by four tenths. In the race you saw old Alonso.

Felipe Massa: 9/10 points
N oh a half One year off, Felipe Massa presented himself in top form. In training he ironed Fernando Alonso when he was the only driver next to Vettel to keep the tires alive for one lap. In the race, a technical problem prevented the attack on the lead.

Lewis Hamilton: 8/10 points
The fourth place in qualifying certainly does not meet the demands of Lewis Hamilton. However, if you include the internal team comparison, the performance of the Englishman is upgraded. World champion Jenson Button had no chance all weekend. In the race, Hamilton even drove at the level of the top.

Sebastian Vettel: 10/10 points
For Sebastian Vettel everything went according to plan in Bahrain - at least until the 34th lap . Then suddenly a spark plug gave up. When the first three pursuers were over, the young German only showed his whole class when he was able to maintain his fourth place despite the problems.

Nico Rosberg: 9/10 points
After Michael Schumacher was signed, Nico Rosberg was under enormous pressure. But the Mercedes newcomer mastered the task in Bahrain with flying colors and remained the faster of the two Silver Arrows for the entire race weekend. At the pit stop he was unlucky when Hamilton was able to slip through.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 points
Unspectacular but solid - this is how Michael Schumacher's comeback in Bahrain can be broken down into two Summarize words. In qualifying, the record champion was still a bit rusty. In the race he found his way back to his old strength. In the end, his fastest race lap was even faster than Rosberg's.

Jenson Button: 4/10 points
World champion Jenson Button started the new season with seventh place . While he was still on his team mate Hamilton in free practice, he suddenly had no chance in qualifying. In the race, too, he was unable to make use of the tire advantage he had hoped for thanks to his rounder driving style.

MarkWebber: 6/10 points
In eighth place, Mark Webber was the worst driver of the four top teams. The Australian broke the race in qualifying. Up to turn 16 he was on the level of Vettel, then he fell far behind due to a mistake. In the race there was also bad luck: Due to an engine problem at the start and a failed pit stop, he lost two more places.

Vitantonio Liuzzi: 8/10 points
was in ninth place Tonio Liuzzi 'Best of the rest'. The Italian presented himself particularly well in the race. Starting on the hard tires, he made the most of the free choice of tires and in the meantime drove up to fourth place. Only the lost qualifying duel against team mate Adrian Sutil is to be criticized.

Rubens Barrichello: 7/10 points
In the free practice sessions Rubens Barrichello was a bit beaten in qualifying and Show solid performance in the race. In a badly balanced car, he was able to use all his experience and keep the ambitious Nico Hülkenberg at a distance.

Robert Kubica: 7/10 points
Renault was one of the surprises in Bahrain . Robert Kubica was able to keep up with the top teams in qualifying and gave his team colleague Vitaly Petrov 1.6 seconds. In the race, a collision with Adrian Sutil in the start phase shattered all point dreams.

Adrian Sutil: 6/10 points
Once again Adrian Sutil had the chance to score and once again was Graefelinger in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the collision with Kubica it was of no use in the end that he won the qualifying duel with his team mate and was able to turn the second fastest lap of the race.

Jaime Alguersuari: 3/10 points

The apprenticeship is over, now Jaime Alguersuari has to show that he deserves his place in Formula 1. In the qualification, however, only the three new teams were worse. The Spaniard remained inconspicuous in the race.

Nico Hülkenberg: 4/10 points

A gross blunder in training quickly put an end to Nico Hülkenberg's point dreams. He ruined the race by a self-inflicted spin. The team-internal duel with Barrichello showed that there is still a small difference between one and 286 Grand Prix starts.

Heikki Kovalainen: 6/10 points
In training Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen showed his class in the race even more slowly than team-mate Jarno Trulli. The Finn's fastest lap, 2.5 seconds behind Schumacher, was much closer to the top than expected. After a great start, the Finn had a nice duel with Timo Glock.

Sebastien Buemi: 4/10 points
After the good onesTest results, Toro Rosso showed a disappointing performance in Bahrain. Sebastien Buemi was able to win the qualifying duel with Alguersuari, but there wasn't much more to it. In the race, the team left the Swiss on hard tires on the track for too long. A technical defect caused the premature retirement.

Jarno Trulli: 5/10 points
Good again in qualifying, but nothing cracked in the race. As is so often the case, Jarno Trulli could not maintain his pace over the distance and quickly lost ground. Trulli finally has to prove that he is a real racer.

Pedro de la Rosa: 6/10 points
Pedro de la Rosa performed well on his comeback. Both in training and in the race he was able to beat young Kamui Kobayashi. Like his team-mate, the Spaniard suffered from the poor performance of the car. One negative point: De la Rosa still has to work at the start.

Bruno Senna: 4/10 points
Bruno Senna's performance is difficult to judge. The Brazilian drove his first Formula 1 kilometers in Bahrain. After all, he was able to improve steadily in the training sessions. In qualifying, however, he was still eight seconds behind the fastest time. An engine failure ended the youngster's race prematurely.

Timo Glock: 6/10 points
Despite many technical problems, Timo Glock was able to qualify as the best of the three new teams. In the duel with Kovalainen, the German put on a good show. He showed that he is better than his car. A gearbox damage ended the afternoon early.

Vitaly Petrov: 6/10 points
Vitaly Petrov earned a maximum of a three for the miserable qualifying. For the terrific race, however, there is an eight - makes an average of six points. Petrov was even on the verge of scoring the first points when a suspension failure ended the debut prematurely.

Kamui Kobayashi: 3/10 points
Kamui Kobayashi was a complete disappointment in Bahrain . On his Sauber debut, he was unable to show that he deserved his place in Formula 1. The Japanese lagged well behind 39-year-old de la Rosa. You have to ask yourself how the good performance last year at Toyota came about.

Lucas di Grassi: 2/10 points
Da Lucas di Grassi already after two laps Hydraulic problems rolled out, you can only evaluate the training impressions. Here the Brazilian was clearly behind Glock. Not a good debut for the combination Virgin-Di Grassi.

Karun Chandhok: 2/10 points
Karun Chandhok had the hardest job of all pilots. He was able to test his HRT racer for the first time in qualifying. Nevertheless, he must not crash into the gang in the first round. As an excuse the Indian gave the heavy car and onesurprising bump.


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