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F1 diary GP Japan: Lots of sushi and a botched start

F1 diary GP Japan 2016
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D he Grand Prix of Malaysia and Japan are catching on Back-to-back weekend. For us, this means that we won't fly home from Kuala Lumpur, but rather seven and a half hours northwest to Tokyo. Our plane leaves Malaysia at seven in the morning. At the airport we meet Sauber pilot Felipe Nasr, whom we should see again later in line for immigration at the airport in Tokyo. Michael Schmidt, who is struggling with a cold, and I make a stopover in the Japanese metropolis.

To apply the brakes in front of your nose. Hamilton prevents a collision, but has to go through the run-off zone. The race management does not intervene. Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff later calls for the rules to be clarified. He refers to Article 27.5 of the Sports Act. Three hours after the end of the race, the inspectors received a protest note from Mercedes. The world championship team sees the Verstappen maneuver as potentially dangerous driving. The actors Verstappen and Hamilton have long been on their way home. 83 minutes later, Mercedes withdrew its protest. The result remains. Otherwise the case should have been heard in Austin. And Mercedes would not officially be the winner of the constructors' classification. A theater that only Formula 1 can perform.

In the gallery you can find some personal impressions of the auto motor und sport reporters of the events behind the scenes.


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