F1 design for 2021: no rule for beautiful cars

F1 design for 2021
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I n Singapore has Formula 1 sporting director Ross Brawn that current concept of the Formula 1 car presented from 2021. The study received mostly positive votes. The car looks more compact, modern and more harmonious in its lines than the 2018 cars.

For the first time, a designer is also working on the ten engineers under the direction of Pat Symonds. Brawn explains the procedure: “First of all, our engineers define a framework for what is technically necessary. Then the designer tries to create the best possible look on this basis. ”

l. Example 2019. Green promises: “The regulations want us to stop directing the bad air so far outside the wheels. It will happen anyway. Because it's better for downforce. ”

Green doesn't understand why the FIA ​​is widening the front wing from 1.80 to 2.00 meters if it wants to prevent the so-called“ outwash ”. “Why didn't you limit the wing width to 1.70 meters? Then it becomes really difficult to get the air around the front wheels. ”

However, that would also drastically reduce downforce and slow down lap times. “Who cares?” Green asks back. “At the first race in Singapore in 2008, pole position was eight seconds slower than today. Did anyone complain back then? ”


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