F1 design 2015: Formula 1 could look this cool

Bruce Thomson
F1-Design 2015
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D he paintwork of a Formula 1 car is the most important trademark of a racing team. Everyone knows that a Ferrari always drives in red, a Mercedes always drives in silver and that the Martini stripes are now on the Williams. The art for the designers is to create a high recognition value.

Formula 1 cars get a fresh look

So that the viewers get used to a look, it should remain unchanged for years if possible stay. At the same time, however, the changing sponsors must also be shown in the right light. Even smaller partners shouldn't get lost in the general color scheme. Unfortunately, the marketing department nowadays too often determines the final look.

Canadian Bruce Thomson shows what it might look like if the artists had a free hand. The graphic designer, who studied in London and also worked for Ford in Cologne, designed a new, fresher look for the Formula 1 generation in 2015. The designs that he found on his website (>> brucethomsonsketchsite.wordpress.com ) has already met with a lot of approval from fans on social media.

New Williams in the old look

The graphic artist Dean Wright also apparently found his colleague's designs successful and decided to go one step further. It took the Briton 2 weeks to transform the Thompson-Williams into a 3D computer model - of course with the right stub nose according to the 2015 regulations.

With the finished form, it now only takes 1-2 each time Days of giving the Williams any new paint job. What you can do with it, for example, Wright shows on his blog (>> getwrightonit.com ). He wrapped the modern Formula 1 car in the look of the legendary Williams world champion car from 1993 by Damon Hill.

We show you the various designs and 3D models in our gallery.


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