F1 Concept: Mercedes W11 for 2020

Sam McCafferty
Mercedes W11 Concept for 2020
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I n matters of cockpit protection, the FIA ​​has apparently made a decision . At the last meeting of the chief technology officers at the end of February, it was decided that, after tests in the crash laboratory, the solution would be a ring-shaped bracket - the so-called >>' Halo-Concept ' - has prevailed. By 2018 at the latest, all pilots should be on the road with a halo over their helmets.

Although the alternative solution in the form of a jet fighter cockpit has been used successfully for years in the LMP1 prototype class, the decision was negative out. Formula 1 must remain open, so the decision-makers argue. In addition, critics have repeatedly raised concerns about salvage in the event of a fire or rollover. Apparently this is not a problem in the WEC.

Mercedes F1 concept with jet fighter pulpit

From an aesthetic point of view, the ring solution should scare many fans away. A dome could have been integrated much more elegantly into the design of modern Formula 1 racers and given the cars a futuristic look. The study by the New Zealand designer Sam McCafferty, who has put a transparent roof on the Mercedes Silver Arrow, shows what chance was missed.

The glass hood extends from the front far over the front section over the driver's head to below the airbox. The graphic artist, who now lives in Sad Diego, also provided the view from the driver's perspective. According to the designer's vision, displays and warning lights in the form of a head-up display should also be integrated into the pulpit, giving the driver information about the race and warning him of dangers on the track.

Mercedes W11 changed in many details

But the dome is not the only element that McCafferty for his model of a Formula 1 racer for changed the year 2020. The Mercedes W11 became a bit wider and flatter, the side pods a bit sleeker, the rear wing is lower and the nose was given a modern look.

Actually, the Formula 1 concept was only planned as a small project on the side. But after the first rough drawings, the designer finally decided to send the entire car to theAdapt pulpit. McCafferty emphasizes, however, that he would have liked to have had a little more time to work out more details.


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