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F1 commission blocks itself: Kindergarten continues

Daniel Reinhard
F1 commission blocks itself
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A everything stays the same. The kindergarten continued at the last Formula 1 committee meeting on Tuesday (February 17th, 2015) in Geneva. Teams, Bernie Ecclestone and FIA are blocking themselves. Savings plans? All refused. 1000 hp engines? Long postponed to 2017. More aggressive cars? The proposal by Red Bull and McLaren to come up with it as early as 2016 was rejected. It is questionable whether it will prevail in 2017. Ferrari has presented a new concept. There will be no agreement on that either.

Was it a coincidence that the Formula 1 masterminds met on Shrove Tuesday? Probably not. At least no one had to dress up as a clown. The team bosses tore themselves apart in pointless discussions that were only about one thing: What good is me and my team. One participant shook his head: 'The big teams don't give a shit about Formula 1.'

McKinsey's savings plans stalled in the F1 commission

Would you like some examples? When the FIA ​​completed the cost study and wanted to introduce McKinsey's savings plans , Ferrari and McLaren refused to discuss them. With the indication that the strategy group had decided not to talk about the cost issue. Red Bull and Mercedes denied this.

Out of necessity, possible savings models were then debated. But actually none of the top teams wanted to hear them. McLaren boss Ron Dennis and Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne quickly took the wind out of the sails of the lecture. Tenor: 'Our job is to win, not to save and to take care of the small teams.'

Which is what the 'third car' and 'customer teams' models boiled over again. Without considering that the top teams would be more financially burdened. And that McLaren-Honda would probably stay without points this year, one of the two contingency plans would come into force

But Ron Dennis has to escape to the front. He not only needs Honda as an engine supplier, but also as a donkey. Cutting costs would be counterproductive. But if he could persuade Honda a customer team, the engine might rev up faster.

Opponents of Mercedes victims of their own politics

Lotus, Force India and Sauber did thatSuggestion to expand the list of standard parts so that one can help each other out. One does the wind tunnel tests, the other builds the suspensions, the third the transmission. The big teams refused.

In view of the deadlocked negotiations, Williams noticed that third place was not a cushion. Basically, the third oldest Formula 1 team is one of the extras. The budget is not much higher than Lotus, Force India and Sauber. There is only less debt.

But even the top teams can no longer assert themselves with their will because of the complicated decision-making process. The push by Red Bull and McLaren for new cars from 2016 is just as desperate as Ferrari's idea with the V8 biturbo. The main thing is to do something differently in order to catch up on a technical deficit as quickly as possible. No one cares whether this is good for the sport or not.

Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren have long been victims of their own politics. They just don't notice. All four have achieved a status where losing is prohibited. And if you don't win anymore, you lobby for new regulations and reject anything that lowers costs. Out of sheer self-interest.


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