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F1 car for 2017: Strategy group wants a two-month delay

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F1 car for 2017
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D he strategy group held its meeting in Geneva debated the 2017 cars, the 2018 engines and a better show. The result was disappointing. FIA, FOM and the top 6 teams agreed that because of many unresolved issues, it would be best to postpone a decision on the 2017 car for two months. The new deadline is now April 30.

Car for 2017 with a body width of 1.60 meters

The favorite for the new regulations is the so-called McLaren model with a body width of 160 centimeters. The downforce would increase by 30 percent. This should reduce the lap times by 4.7 seconds.

Pirelli also supports this variant. The tire manufacturer spoke out against the Red Bull concept with a body width of 1.80 meters and a 50 percent increase in contact pressure. On the racetrack it would only have resulted in a gain of 5.2 seconds.

The small difference despite the large difference in downforce can be explained by the fact that Pirelli would dramatically increase the tire pressure on the Red Bull variant. That in turn would reduce the speed, especially in the slow corners.

Why the delay? With wider and faster cars, fuel consumption would also increase. Various teams therefore demanded an increase in the amount of fuel for the race from 100 to 105 or even 110 kilograms. That was not universally accepted. In addition, it is not yet clear which cockpit protection should come. The halo from Mercedes or Red Bull. Due to the Red Bull variant, there is still glazing between the struts.

McLaren causes trouble regarding the engine regulations

There are legal concerns in many places about the engine for 2018. McLaren boss Ron Dennis warned his colleagues that he was contractually bound by his right of veto. Honda could therefore not supply at least 3 teams. But he is ready to tear up all contracts if the other engine manufacturers do the same.

This met with rejection, especially from Mercedes customers. Nobody wants to expose themselves to the risk of having to make do with the second or third best engine when redistributing the engines.

This also falters FIA President Jean Todt's plan to reduce prices. Bernie Ecclestone then threatened the manufacturers with a GP1 series with V8 engines. During the engine disputeIn the strategy group, the question about the 2017 car was put to the vote in the Formula 1 meeting.

Despite the postponement of a final decision until the end of April, the technical department of the teams is already starting the development work on their next year's cars on the basis of the McLaren proposal with a 160 centimeter wide underbody. A team boss on auto motor und sport : 'The McLaren version is coming. It's all about the details. We can't waste two months doing nothing now.'


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