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F-shaft question in Monza: which wing variant is faster

F-Schacht question in Monza
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M onza is the fastest route on the calendar. The question of whether the F-slot or not should really be superfluous. Nonetheless, with the exception of Williams, all teams considered the option of foregoing the controlled stall on the rear wing.

One consideration was: The typical Monza wings produce so little contact pressure that they are disturbed the current on the wing can no longer gain much top speed. On the other hand, you could drive steeper wings with the F-shaft on board, which is an advantage in the curves and the braking zones. The simulations with and without resulted in a head-to-head race between the two versions.

Hamilton tests both variants

McLaren tried both constellations on the racetrack in the second training session. The difference in lap time was 0.056 seconds. So a wink. Hamilton was slightly faster without button than with. 'What I won on the straights was lost in the corners,' said the Englishman. The sector times confirmed the statement. In sector 1, Hamilton flew away from his teammate with his mini-wing, variant Monza. Button almost made up the time in sector two with the Roggia chicane and the two Lesmo corners.

Red Bull left the F-shaft in the car for the entire day of training. Same game at Mercedes GP and Williams. You just tried different levels of downforce. The decision has already been made at Red Bull: 'We're going with an F-shaft,' confirmed team advisor Helmut Marko. 'We never had anything else in mind,' adds Williams technical director Sam Michael. At Force India you do it the other way around. The artificial flow brake is not used there.

No decision at Renault yet

Renault, like Red Bull, had driven with an F-slot all day, but wanted the data analysis first wait. 'We have closely observed our competing teams and will incorporate their values ‚Äč‚Äčinto our calculations,' explained race engineer Alan Permane. Robert Kubica pointed out: 'With the F-shaft you can afford more downforce. Perhaps there is no difference on a lap, but the brakes and tires are better protected over the distance.'

The pole shortly after the apex of the Parabolica took his left hand off the steering wheel to close the lock in the cockpit that activates the F-slot. 'No problem,' waved Kubica off. 'There wasEau Rouge in Spa is something else. It's not funny to have to change direction two times at 300 km /h with just one hand. There are no such passages in Monza. '

The Renault driver sees himself at an advantage over his colleagues on this point.' I don't have to take my whole hand off the wheel, so I can react quickly in an emergency. For some of my colleagues this is not so easy because their left hand is too far from the steering wheel. '


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