Everything new at Toro Rosso: a second new car

Everything new at Toro Rosso
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D he first new Toro Rosso was just a driving school car. The car, which had four days of testing in Jerez and four in Barcelona, ​​served the Red Bull B-Team as a test vehicle.

Toro Rosso STR10 also new under the hood

'We wanted to see whether the car was mechanically sound. And our drivers should drive kilometers.' Toro Rosso competes with the youngest driver pairing in the field. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz junior are 37 years old together. And have not yet driven a single Grand Prx. But they were allowed to practice a lot in Jerez and Barcelona. Verstappen 1,792 kilometers, Sainz 1,682 kilometers.

Now the honeymoon is over. Toro Rosso is entering phase 2 of its testing program. The team from Faenza shipped a retreaded car to Barcelona for the last four days of testing. 'It's a completely new car,' confirms Technical Director James Key.

The modifications were extensive: 'We actually redesigned everything: The nose, the side pods, the underbody, the cooling system, the wings, the Baffles, the front axle. ' The ToroRosso's nose is now short instead of long. Williams brand. That changes the rest of the car as well.

New Toro Rosso 9 tenths faster

The side pods have theirs lost extreme incision below, but are now significantly slimmer. 'We have redesigned the entire cooling system for this,' reveals Key. Renault also goes mobile, according to Key. 'The stability is pretty good. Now it's drivability. But that's one thing that can be solved with software.'

In the last week of testing, Toro Rosso now has to be ambitious with the new car Run test program. The aerodynamicists have to check whether the measurement data from the wind tunnel is correct. The pilots have to find a good setup. If everything fits together, the new STR10 should be around 9 tenths faster than the old one - at least that's what the internal simulation says.

We show the many updates to the Toro Rosso in the gallery.


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