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EU Commission examines Formula 1: Visit to Force India

EU Commission examines Formula 1
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B is now it was just a paper tiger. The English Labor MP Anneliese Dodds wrote to the EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager about possible abuses in Formula 1. Triggered by the bankruptcy filings of Marussia and Caterham late last year. Dodds saw a connection between the unfair distribution of money and the financial plight of some teams. And she warned that this could result in the loss of many jobs in the south east of England.

In the meantime, Force India, Sauber and Lotus provided the British politician with sufficient information about the unequal distribution of income by the rights holders and about the rule-finding process, which in turn gives the large teams advantages. In the framework of the strategy group, you can stifle topics that go against your own interests. They don't even come to the vote.

The most recent meeting of the panel revealed how cut off the teams not represented in the strategy group are. Sauber called for the minutes of the negotiations 4 days after the meeting. According to the contract, they are entitled to this. The strategy group has an immediate duty to inform.

EU complaint later this month

The interest of the EU Commission in the events in Formula 1 is causing discomfort among the masterminds. If the Commission found violations of competition law, all contracts would be null and void by 2020 and would have to be amended accordingly. To put more pressure on the revolt instigated by the small teams, Anneliese Dodds visited the Force India factory on July 10th. To get an idea of ​​what she thinks is at stake.

She justified the urgency by saying that Lotus was about to face a foreclosure by one of the creditors. After her visit, the Labor MP said: 'I am concerned that the current situation in Formula 1 is causing more teams to get into trouble. Jobs are at stake every time. The visit to Force India showed me the role that they play Formula One can play in the creation of highly skilled jobs. '

However, Dodds also made it clear that the crucial impetus must come from the teams themselves. 'I raised the issue several times in Brussels to find out whether this was a case of distortion of competition. The Commissioner in charge has indicated that she can do nothing until the teams themselvesFile formal complaints. If the teams feel that something needs to be done, then they should do it. 'According to information from auto motor und sport , the complaint should be received in Brussels this month.


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