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Ericsson provides the only interruption: the bike fell off the Sauber

Ericsson provides the only interruption
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E s was not a particularly productive day for Clean. Marcus Ericsson pedaled just 55 laps on his first ride in the new C35. On Tuesday, stable colleague Felipe Nasr managed 103.

Sauber C35 loses right rear wheel

The compressed program had two culprits. In the morning, the Ferrari V6 was the problem. 'We had an engine change over night that took a little longer than we originally thought,' explained the Swede. But even when the fresh engine was stuck in the rear of the C35, there were initially further difficulties. The mistake was in the drive unit. 'We still had problems on the track and couldn't drive,' said Ericsson. He had only managed seven laps by lunch break. Only Gutierrez had less in the bank.

Things went better in the afternoon. Until the last hour. Then Ericsson tumbled off the track. 'When I turned into the fourth corner, the wheel came loose,' reported the 25-year-old from Kumla. It was the right back, as confirmed by the Swiss team. But the tire didn't come off after a pit stop. 'I was already doing three laps at this point,' said Ericsson. The team's internal investigation is ongoing.

Despite the limited workload, Ericsson was able to get at least a few impressions of his new car. In principle, he confirmed the impressions of his stable companion. 'I had two decent runs. The car got better on the brakes and we took a step in terms of aerodynamics. It's more stable in fast corners. But I need more time to assess it better.'


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