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Engine update GP Spain: New engines for McLaren and Sauber

GP Spain engine update
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E s is only the fifth Grand Prix of the year, and but some teams are already running out of engine components. Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat will drive the fourth of four Renault engines from Saturday. McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have now reached Honda engine number 3. Button needs the third MGU-K. Sauber made the move to the second Ferrari engine one race later than the works team.

New drive unit kits were also installed in Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen. After the internal combustion engine in Bahrain, it is now the turn of the other building blocks. The Ferrari drivers get the second unit of the turbocharger, the MGU-H, the MGU-K and the power electronics.

Vettel also needs the second battery pack. Even if the first versions are still in the system in the case of Ferrari, one can assume that things will be tight towards the end of the season. With Renault and Honda anyway.

Mercedes wants to hold out to Monte Carlo

That is the advantage of Mercedes. The works team, Williams and Lotus want to survive with the first engine components up to and including Monte Carlo. Only Nico Hülkenberg has already reached engine number 2 after the crankshaft damage. The second Mercedes drive unit will be used from Montreal. According to Niki Lauda, ​​development tokens are not installed until the third engine.

At the moment, Mercedes is content with making modifications in the area of ​​reliability and releasing more aggressive engine maps for longer. In Bahrain, Mercedes was already taking a little more risk. Force India believes that this measure brought in two tenths per round.

So far, no manufacturer has used tokens. Not even Honda, as was wrongly rumored. The Japanese have nevertheless revised their engines in the area of ​​reliability and the temperature problem in the V of the six-cylinder is better under control. That is why Alonso and Button are able to enjoy three percent more performance in Barcelona. In the first practice session, the McLaren didn't feel much of it. The new wings at the front and rear didn't work as expected.

Fifth engine on the table on May 14th

According to our sources, Ferrari found 40 hp over the winter. Mercedes believes that in terms of the software and by ensuring stability, further10 hp were added.

Niki Lauda claims: 'In terms of performance, Ferrari is on par with our stand. At the moment we have the same performance as last year. This is because we have problems with pistons in winter too , Cylinder liners and the cylinder head. That’s why we’re on the safe side. For me, it’s completely normal for the others to catch up. You’ve only got such paradisiacal conditions like last year in your life. ' On May 14th, the strategy meeting will again discuss the question of whether the engine contingent should not be increased from 4 to 5 units. Renault and Honda are for it. Ferrari probably too. Mercedes makes its commitment dependent on two conditions: 'It must be ensured that there will be more driving on Friday. That is what Bernie Ecclestone wanted. And the fifth specification must be identical to the fourth.' The fifth engine will fail because of these demands. 'How should I tell the teams how many laps they have to drive on Friday', FIA race director Charlie Whiting shakes his head.


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