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Engine imbalance: will Honda and Renault make the turnaround?

Engine imbalance in Formula 1
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B is 2020 the current engine formula is fixed. A new start is only possible after the next 5 years. But corrections already seem necessary. The situation is getting out of hand. The distribution of the engines clearly shows: According to the current status, Honda and Renault will only fire 2 cars in the 2016 season. The remaining 18 racing cars are on the road with Mercedes and Ferrari power.

Engine situation unhealthy for Formula 1

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner criticizes the imbalance: 'That we currently only have two strong ones Having engine manufacturers is unhealthy for Formula 1. With the V8 we still had 3 or 4 engines that could win races on their own. It is important for Formula 1 that there are several competitive engine suppliers. '

VW no quick fix

'Sometimes is Eddie wrong ', grinned Horner. 'It's great that Volkswagen is signaling its interest in Formula 1. But at the moment getting started is pure speculation. Even if you want to come, with the current rules it will take at least two to three years to build a competitive engine.' p>

Until then, short-term solutions must be found. But how can you help Honda and Renault get on their feet? In the early days of the V8 era, the manufacturers of the weaker engines were given the opportunity to improve, while the development of the top engines was frozen. In the end, everyone was on a comparable level. The currently agreed token system does not provide for that.

Honda wants more freedom from the regulations

Honda sports director Yasuhisa Arai complains: 'I believe that the current rules for the Engine manufacturers are too restrictive. As a newcomer, we are a year behind the competition. It is therefore very difficult to catch up with the top teams. I hope that the rules will be relaxed a bit. '

Also at Renault is pressure on the boiler. The 2016 season is still planned as a transition year for the newly formed works team. But2017 at the latest you want to fight for the title. Mercedes has already signaled its willingness to help the French with a little technological know-how. But with only 2 cars each and limited development opportunities, few experts believe that Renault and Honda can close the gap on their own.


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