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Emanuele Pirro defends himself against allegations

Emanuele Pirro as FIA steward
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D he excitement among the conspiracy theorists was great. The world federation FIA had nominated Emanuele Pirro as driver representative in the team of stewards. An Italian of all people. The Bild newspaper immediately suspected treason. Isn't that too close to Ferrari?

Ex-Audi driver Pirro already had the article on his cell phone. Germany's largest newspaper was not the only criticism. 'The third largest daily newspaper in Italy also weathered how it could be that an Italian could judge in a World Cup final in which Ferrari is driving for the title,' said Pirro, amused.

Pirro has nothing to do with Ferrari

Pirro calmed the mind: 'For me, this job means a lot of responsibility. Even if I had sympathy for someone, I would be able to ignore it.' Then the five-time Le Mans winner said: 'If there is an Italian who has nothing to do with Ferrari, it's me.'

At that moment, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko comes by and says jokingly: 'What can we expect from you this weekend?' Pirro replied with amusement: 'Maybe you don't know that Red Bull was once my sponsor in the DTM.'

Pirro was invited at the beginning of the year

The ex-Benetton -Pilot was assigned to the finals by the FIA ​​at the beginning of the year. 'So I thought: It will be a quiet job. In Abu Dhabi, the World Cup has definitely already been decided.'

Pirro takes his job really seriously. 'I scrambled through the rules at every opportunity, and at the beginning of the year I was part of race management at a Formula 3 race in Misano. It was an interesting experience for a racing driver. It gives you an idea of ​​how difficult the job of race management is really is. '

As a racing driver you see more

In Monza, Pirro looked over the shoulder of his colleague Emerson Fittipaldi. 'Emerson did a really professional job. And the three official commissioners consulted him on every critical scene. As a racing driver, you simply see more than someone who has never been in a racing car.'


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