Ecclestone shoots against Ferrari and Mercedes

Ecclestone denounces Ferrari and Mercedes
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B ernie Ecclestone wants to get back behind the wheel and the manufacturers in to disempower Formula 1. With his targeted cheap engine as an alternative to the hybrid monsters, the 85-year-old failed in the Formula 1 commission. But at least they agreed on a new engine format for 2018. And the FIA ​​World Council gave him and Jean Todt a mandate at its meeting on December 2nd.

Both of them are allowed to deal with urgent formula-related issues 1 make decisions on their own initiative. The World Council explicitly names areas such as the F1 government, drive units and cost reduction. Ecclestone and Todt want to take a position by January 31, 2016.

Ecclestone is not afraid of legal action

The power mandate was passed with only one vote against. The suspicion quickly fell on Ferrari because the Italians prevented a cost reduction of the current drive units with their veto. And another process, which Bernie Ecclestone explains in an interview with the BBC, confirms the suspicion. According to the Formula 1 Zampano, Ferrari has written a letter written by lawyers to the FIA, accusing the world governing body of having no right to give Ecclestone and Todt such a mandate and that existing contracts would be violated.

Ferrari's answer was prompt. The Scuderia makes it clear, according to the BBC, that 'their intention is to ensure that government policies continue to be adhered to as mandated.'

Ecclestone remains adamant. 'The only thing we could do is ignore what Ferrari said and tell them, 'You can either get out or go to the arbitration board and see what it thinks.'' He added, 'I think we can would easily win before an arbitration tribunal. '

The current structures in Formula 1, for which he is jointly responsible, are a thorn in the side of the British. According to Ecclestone, Mercedes and Ferrari have too much power in the Formula 1 Commission because they equip more than half the field with engines. 'If Toto Wolff raises his hand and says that Christmas will be December 26th, everyone will agree. The same goes for Ferrari,' said Ecclestone. Ferrari's return coach: 'As far as Ferrari is concerned, Christmas will be on December 25 this year and in the future.'

Has Mercedes Ferrari at the enginehelped?

According to his own statements, Ecclestone has many ideas on how he can work with the FIA ​​to restore the premier class to its former glory. 'There are many things that we could and should do to get Formula 1 back on track. We're here to entertain people. We're not here to put on a show for Mercedes or Ferrari, so that they sell their cars. '

The attitude of Ferrari and Mercedes could destroy Formula 1, fears Ecclestone. 'We're helping a manufacturer. For Ferrari it doesn't make much difference what type of engine they build. But it helps Mercedes,' he told the BBC.

'So we'll be Formula 1 if you do want to destroy because of a manufacturer who runs away when it suits him. Like BMW and Toyota. ' In response, Mercedes refers to its uninterrupted involvement in Formula 1 since 1993.

In an interview, Ecclestone also claims that Mercedes helped Ferrari improve its engine. This is contradicted by the most successful racing team F1 racing team in history.


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