Photos GP China 2015 (Saturday)
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D he ingredients for the Formula 1 light spectacle are simple: Take a race track that was built years ago on a marshland and now has numerous bumps and equip the underbody of the cars with small titanium plates as spacers. And the sparks always fly when the hard-sprung racing cars hit the ground.

The spectacular spectacle is not dangerous. With the Chinese, however, the rain of fire in the rear of the cars is particularly popular. In the Middle Kingdom, the Festival of Lights is known to be a cultural asset. Felipe Massa, however, didn't find it particularly funny when his car gave off smoke signals after touching it down too often. This could only be remedied by increasing the ground clearance.

A shower of sparks on the racetrack

Lewis Hamilton even had his seat shell let isolate. It was a bit too warm for the world champion under the very best. The problem was still tolerable in qualifying. However, no car was on the track for more than 3 laps. It could look very different in the race. We are curious to see how well the fully fueled racing cars survive the continuous fire from below.

In our picture gallery we not only have the most beautiful sparkling photos from Saturday in Shanghai, but also many other interesting impressions from qualifying. For technology fans who are not only into cheap show effects, there are, as usual, a few exclusive close-ups of the cars from the pit lane at the end of the gallery.


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