Driver meeting: scolding Hamilton

Driver meeting in Barcelona
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F IA race director Charlie Whiting and the 24 drivers took themselves 50 minutes at the driver briefing on Friday afternoon to clarify a question. Were Nico Rosberg's maneuvers with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton okay? In the end it turned out that Rosberg had done nothing wrong. Lewis Hamilton received a reprimand for this.

Hamilton barely escapes penalty

Charlie Whiting said that the McLaren driver was very lucky not to have been punished. In the end, he left the track with all four wheels and gained an advantage by driving off the track. This usually gives a drive-through penalty, unless Hamilton had let Rosberg pass again.

Hamilton's objection that Rosberg pushed him into the dirty lane first was not approved by Whiting. In both cases, Rosberg had indicated his swivel to the right first. The driver behind it would have had the opportunity to abort the change of direction and try to turn left.

Question to the driver: 'What would you have done if there was a wall on the right would have stood? ' The race stewards were only so lenient because Hamilton got a receipt for overtaking on the dirty lane. The tires picked up the dirt. As a result, his lap times increased.

Whiting announces tough action

In the future, Charlie Whiting wants to take tough action in comparable cases. There is no pardon. The rule is a black and white rule. Anyone who gains an advantage by driving off the track will be punished. No matter how small or large this advantage is.

Michael Schumacher asked the FIA ​​race director what would have happened if Rosberg had driven off the track himself to defend his position. Answer: If the man behind had changed lanes first and then followed Rosberg, he would have received a drive-through penalty.


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