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Driver marks GP Singapore 2015: 10 with a star for Vettel

Driver grades GP Singapore 2015
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I n Singapore, Sebastian Vettel is a bank. During training, the Ferrari driver drove like on another planet. His lead over Daniel Ricciardo was 0.543 seconds. And on team-mate Kimi Raikkonen 0.782 seconds. These are worlds. For the race, Vettel knew that Red Bull could be a danger with the tire-friendly car. He had to prevent Ricciardo from getting an opportunity to pass the earlier tire change during the pit stop.

Vettel moves with luck and cleverness

The first time Vettel stormed up and away with a lightning start. As expected, the rear tires were wearing out. The safety car saved him. The second time, Vettel tried a different tactic. First a slow pace, then an intermediate sprint, finally fears about the tires again. Again the safety car came at the right time.

Any luck? No. That was a lot of poker and rightly won. Vettel had no other choice. He had to use his speed advantage as long as the tires held. And then hope that his opponent doesn't get close enough. Vettel and Ricciardo earned a 10. For pole position and victory there is a 10 with a star.

This time Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were not the main actors. Your car wouldn't allow it. They lost 1.5 seconds in practice and seven tenths in the race. That was a class difference. Hamilton solved the problem a little better than Rosberg. Close training win and better racing speed until he retired. That's why he's got grade 8 and Rosberg grade 7.

Driver grades GP Singapore 2015

Here the Singapore driver scores in a nutshell. As always, the individual reviews for all 20 pilots can be found in the picture gallery.

  • Sebastian Vettel: 10/10
  • Daniel Ricciardo: 10/10
  • Kimi Räikkönen: 7/10
  • Nico Rosberg: 7/10
  • Valtteri Bottas: 9/10
  • Daniil Kvyat: 7/10
  • Sergio Perez: 8/10
  • Max Verstappen: 8/10
  • Carlos Sainz: 7/10
  • Felipe Nasr: 7 /10
  • Marcus Ericsson: 6/10
  • Pastor Maldonado: 6/10
  • Romain Grosjean: 7/10
  • Alexander Rossi : 6/10
  • Will Stevens: 5/10
  • Jenson Button: 6/10
  • Fernando Alonso: 8/10
  • Lewis Hamilton: 8/10
  • Felipe Massa: 6/10
  • Nico Hülkenberg: 5/10


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