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Driver criticism of the halo: Magnussen pulls on titanium bars

Driver criticism of the Halo cockpit protection
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K evin Magnussen is a man of clear words. 'What is ugly remains ugly,' said the Dane before the 2017 Hungarian GP when it became known that the FIA ​​is stipulating the halo over the cockpit for 2018. That was in July. Seven months later, Magnussen's opinion has not changed.

The 25-year-old Dane continues to gossip about the titanium bar. “It's annoying and looks ugly. It hinders getting in and out. It's harder to pull off the steering wheel. The central bridge annoys me. It's okay in the corners because you look past it on the right and left. But when you change direction quickly, for example in chicanery, it distracts the eye. ”

You can hear it: Magnussen would love to tear the halo off the car with his own hands. He finds the cockpit window at IndyCar more aesthetic. Nevertheless, he states: “A formula car must be open. There is no discussion for me. ”The HaasF1 pilot also believes that the halo could restrict the view of potential danger spots at certain points on the route. For example in Eau Rouge. Or in turn one in Austin, when the drivers master an incline of over 30 meters within a few hundred meters.

Gasly's racing suit broken due to Halo

Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly is not one either Friend of the halo. Like Magnussen, the French criticized the entry and exit. For a very specific reason. “I think I'll need a lot of racing suits this season. After the first day of testing, the back of my overall is pretty perforated. You have to lean far back to even get into the car. And with all the little structures on top of the halo, there's nowhere to hold on to properly to pull yourself out of the car. I prefer the old cars. ”Gasly doesn't see his view restricted. “It doesn't make a big difference. You can see something above you, which is a bit strange, but when you drive, you hide it. '

Pierre Gasly tore off his racing suit.

Sebastian Vettel's opinion goes in the same direction. “The halo is not a piece of jewelry. It sure doesn't look good. You have the jetty in front of you, but it's not as bad as feared. What I don't like is the feeling of driving with a roof over your head. But it is important that the view is not impaired. ”Carlos Sainz noted the day before that the halo works like a canopy and that less raindrops would patter on the helmet, and that the driver would therefore be delayed perceiving the changing conditions.

Esteban Ocon quickly got used to the halo. “After two laps everything was fine. You aim for the curves a little differently than before. Maybe seeing the starting lights will be a problem. But I haven't practiced a start on the home straight yet. In the pits I had my problems reading the times on the monitor in front of me. ”Halo opponent Magnussen denies a problem with looking at the start light:“ No problem! ”

Fernando Alonso as a supporter of the Halo said on Monday after the first 51 trial laps: “In the photos it looks like the central footbridge is in the way. But we don't look at the front of the chassis, we drive with foresight. It doesn't matter. Not in the corners either. There you look left and right. The biggest thing is getting in and out. The space is not exactly abundant. ”


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