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Drama at the World Cup final: 9x high noons in a team duel

Drama at World Cup final
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E s is the 29th showdown in Formula 1 history . But only the ninth, in which two teammates are involved. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg know the game. As early as 2014, both of them drove into the final in Abu Dhabi with title chances.

The starting position was similar back then, only with better cards for Hamilton. Rosberg started the last race 17 points behind. Because of the double dots, the distance was less than it looked. Hamilton needed a second place to be sure to become world champion.

would be overtaken once they had pushed themselves between the Mercedes.

On Saturday, Rosberg seemed a small step closer to his big dream. He was on pole position for the eleventh time. But then Hamilton made everything clear at the start. He catapulted himself past Rosberg with a lightning start.

The lead increased to 2.8 seconds when Rosberg suddenly lost massive ground. Due to power fluctuations, the cooling pump for the electric drive failed at times. He dragged himself towards the goal in his malady Mercedes in 14th place. Lewis Hamilton won 2.5 seconds ahead of Felipe Massa.


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