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Dispute over Young Driver Test: talent show at Silverstone in danger

Dispute over Young Driver Test
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D he question kept the teams busy for several weeks. Where does the test for young drivers take place? In the past two years, the teams had spent three days at the GP Abu Dhabi. That was also planned for this year. But nine of the twelve teams wanted to break with tradition this year for cost reasons.

It's cheaper to drive at Silverstone. In addition, Abu Dhabi is the fifth race of an overseas tour. The mechanics need a recovery phase before going to Texas and Brazil. Only Red Bull, Toro Rosso and McLaren wanted to stay loyal to Abu Dhabi.

Teams agree on two test dates

Because you couldn't agree on an appointment, the twelve teams unanimously agreed on a compromise. As an exception there are two talent tests this year. One in Silverstone, the other in Abu Dhabi.

Bernie Ecclestone has now thwarted the bill. He does not approve the Silverstone track, where he still holds the rights in the days after the race. Silverstone had arranged the test date with the teams without speaking to Ecclestone beforehand.

Now the excitement is great. The Silverstone faction suspects that Ecclestone is doing Red Bull and Abu Dhabi a favor to force everyone to take the test in the emirate. The shot could backfire.

Are only three teams testing in Abu Dhabi?

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn can imagine that Red Bull, Toro Rosso and McLaren will then test alone in Abu Dhabi. 'There was a unanimous agreement that there would be a young driver test at two different locations this year. This agreement was broken. We are therefore not obliged to drive in Abu Dhabi.'

Clean -Managing director Monisha Kaltenborn sees it the same way: 'It is quite possible that most of the teams will cancel the test in Abu Dhabi.' Clean is part of it. And if it's just about setting an example. In times of tight finances, taking the test away from home is a waste of money.


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