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Dispute over Pirelli test with Extra-Supersoft tires

Dispute over Pirelli tire test
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F ans have to get used to it from 2016 onwards. Instead of 4 tire compounds, there will be 5 Pirelli varieties on offer in the coming season. Especially for slow street circuits, at the request of the teams, the Italians are developing an extra-soft rubber that ranks below the Supersoft - quasi an Extra-Supersoft.

Test with Extra-Supersoft tires in Singapore?

Originally, an additional test day in Abu Dhabi was planned. But this plan was canceled as well as an extra half hour in the first training session for the Hungarian GP. Now there are new solutions to the ongoing dispute. The small teams say: 'Pirelli should bring the tires to Singapore and Abu Dhabi. We will test them on Friday.'

Red Bull, on the other hand, is proposing an extra test in Sepang in January 2016. However, it is logistically and financially much more complex and will therefore probably fail due to the veto of the small teams.

Rain tire test at the end of January in Paul Ricard

After all, there is now a date for testing the new rain tires for the 2016 season. On January 25th and 26th, Pirelli will try out the profiled rubbers in Paul Ricard. The route in southern France can be artificially irrigated should Petrus not want to play.


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