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Dispute over camera mounts: Ferrari shows the same trick as Mercedes

Dispute about camera mounts
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D this is the FIA's problem. There are a handful of engineers in Paris who come up with ever stricter rules for Formula 1 cars. Outside, hundreds of engineers ponder how to outsmart these rules. The best example is the TV camera mounted in the nose.

Red Bull integrated it into the nose last year. What was banned after five races. Then cameras came into fashion that grew from the top of two nostrils. The ears became more and more extreme. With one goal: the camera was converted into a wing or a baffle.

Mercedes is the first to show camera trick

This year Mercedes, Ferrari and Toro Rosso went too far. The FIA ​​let the teams know in a technical directive that the length of the camera mounts from the chassis may not exceed 15 millimeters in the horizontal direction. The bracket can protrude a little further forward on the narrowing nose.

In order to define the area precisely, the FIA ​​has defined a virtual box. This box is between 150 and 450 mm in front of the front axle and 325 and 525 mm above the reference plane. Since the new A-A section is 525 mm, the noses are deeper further forward. That's why the cameras stick out over the nose.

While the Toro Rosso camera grows out of its nose horizontally after the change request, Mercedes also came up with a very clever idea. Instead of laying out the bracket in the form of an arch, it has two right angles. In the horizontal extension, Mercedes uses the maximum permitted dimensions.

Ferrari shows a solution similar to Mercedes

Die The camera is also mounted as far forward as possible in the defined window. This is where the nose turns down the steepest. As a result, the camera is very high above the front end and disturbs the aerodynamics of the front section as little as possible.

One day after Mercedes, Ferrari came up with a similar solution. The attachment is not quite as delicate as on the Silver Arrow, but it follows the same concept. Attached to the side of the nose, the bracket goes up vertically and then outwards at a right angle.

Competition complains about camera trick

According to information from auto motor und sport 2 teams are said to have already complained about the Mercedes idea. But for this year the rules areset. And apparently the Silver Arrow solution does not violate any of the requirements. Experts are now assuming that a large wave of copying will set in.

In our picture gallery we show you the versions of Ferrari and Mercedes in detail.


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