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Dispute at Force India radio: & # 34; Did he really & # 39; shut up & # 39; said? & # 34;

Dispute over the Force India radio
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How is the mood after 10th place in qualifying?

H ülkenberg: Rather so moderate.

On the radio we could also hear minor discrepancies (>>> video ) .

Hülkenberg: That was in the heat of the moment. Communication had to be carried out quickly.

When the race engineer 'shut up!' says, is that a normal tone?

Hulkenberg: Did he really say 'shut up'? I didn't even notice it that way. The discussion was a bit heated.

Why was it more tense this time? What was so complicated?

Hülkenberg: It wasn't really complicated. We just had a little misunderstanding. Not a problem.

Was it the right strategy to put two warm-up laps before the fast timed lap?

Hülkenberg: We tried everything today. Two fast laps, one warm-up lap - but it didn't make a big difference.

Were the tire temperatures the problem?

Hülkenberg: No, more the balance and grip on the rear axle. I am extremely dissatisfied with that. Trust is simply missing.

Could this improve in the race with more fuel on board?

Hülkenberg: We have tried to stamp it out all weekend, but somehow without success.

Will it be a journey into the unknown in terms of strategy ?

Hülkenberg: Sure, it's a new race where you don't have any experience yet. It is also questionable what happens to the graining. Especially on the soft tire. And what the temperatures look like on Sunday.

Will the strategies differ? Is there anything to be done about the tactics?

Hülkenberg: I already have the feelingthat there will be differences and that a little something could be done in this regard.

Will there be chaos on the long run on the first corner?

Hülkenberg: That will be interesting. It's similar to Sochi. You come with a lot of starting and have to brake hard. It is best to suck in somewhere in the slipstream. Generally, you have to get off to a good start. Otherwise you suffer up to the first corner.

Is the start any different due to the conditions?

Hülkenberg: The trial starts at the exit of the pit lane were actually okay. The asphalt wasn't particularly slippery then. The height was also not noticeable.

There is a chance of rain. Would that come in handy?

Hülkenberg: That would be a slide. When the track is wet, it gets so slippery that you just have to somehow stay on the track and survive. We all have no experience. You have to get used to it as quickly as possible.

With which seat would the mood be better after the race?

Hülkenberg: Everything with thick dots. A fifth or sixth place would make me very happy.

Even at the risk of ruining the Perez party for the Mexicans?

Hülkenberg: I think the fans are very fair here. That wouldn't spoil their party. Of course you always want to beat your team-mate.


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