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Disappointment for Red Bull: & # 34; Third place is not far away & # 34;

Disappointment for Red Bull
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W if Spa only consisted of the second track sector, it would be Red Bull the number two behind Mercedes. Daniel Ricciardo lost just 0.078 seconds to Nico Rosberg in the 10 corners of the central section of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Let's forget Lewis Hamilton's alien best time. It was out of reach for everyone in the field

Unfortunately there are still two long full throttle sections in Spa. Unfortunately from Red Bull's point of view. And Daniel Ricciardo is hiding in twelfth place. One look at the top speed and you know why. With 329.7 km /h Ricciardo was 12.1 km /h short of the fastest man on the straight. That was Sergio Perez in Force India.

In the top speed ranking, Mercedes drivers took the first 6 places. Williams, Lotus and Force India also benefited from this. One car for each of the customer teams will build up ahead of the fastest Red Bull at the Belgian GP.

New start procedure an advantage for Red Bull?

Daniel Ricciardo still refuses to be discouraged : 'We are not that far from third place.' The Australian hadn't expected Friday's result to be repeated anyway: 'We knew that the Mercedes teams could still crank up the power. Compared to them, we simply lose too much time on the straight.'

The first chance Ricciardo sees it at the start. 'The new procedure suits us,' believes the World Cup third from last year. Compared to Williams and Ferrari, our starts this year were rather mediocre. We have more to win than to lose. '

Ricciardo practiced the start in the simulator without the help of the engineers. The difference?' You just have to remember more. Before you step out of the box, you get tips from your engineer. You then have to do it on your own without a reminder. '

Ricciardo switches to Kvyat wing

On Friday the Red Bull drivers drove out in different cars. Daniil Kvyat drove to the spa Wing, Riccardo with a Monza version. 'I tried to get the Monza wing to work, but in the end the 5 km /h top speed gain wasn't enough to make up for what we then put into the Lose curves. The car feels better with the spa wing. '

Team advisor Helmut Marko adds:' It could rain on Sunday. You need the downforce. 'It wasn't enough for Daniil Kvyat. The Russian didn't make it into Q2 and starts in twelfth.


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