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Development of extra engines: when can Renault use tokens?

Development of extra motors
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D he list of the engine components used at Red Bull and Toro Rosso after the GP China reads sobering. Daniel Ricciardo, Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen will compete in the Bahrain GP with the third of four engines. Carlos Sainz junior is still at number two.

Even if Ricciardo's second engine can still be saved, it will not return to the system before the Spanish GP. It must first be examined in Paris. The 2015 GP season is only entering its fourth of 19 weekends this coming weekend. Starting place penalties are programmed with it.

It looks pretty bleak with the other elements in the Renault camp. Assuming that the engine damage at the GP China only affected the combustion engine, Ricciardo has already reached the second of four kits for the turbocharger, MGU-H, MGU-K and control unit.

The Toro Rosso pilots are only with the MGU-K for the first unit. The battery was already replaced. For information only: Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams are still with all the components in the first copy.

When can Renault use its tokens?

At Renault, the alarm bells have been ringing especially since the Chinese GP loud. The contingent of 4 engines is shrinking alarmingly, but none of the 12 development tokens that the French have saved for the season has yet been touched. However, new developments can only be installed in unsealed motors. In the case of Renault, only the fourth copy. Except for Sainz.

That raised the question among the fans as to whether Renault had already wasted all chances, because it can be assumed that engine number 4 must also be used before the troop around Rob White can do something about looking for more power.

According to sporting director Cyril Abiteboul, stability now has priority. 'We want to have that under control by the Monaco GP.' FIA race director Charlie Whiting gives the all-clear: 'We understand the rules to mean that the tokens can also be used in the fifth, sixth or seventh engine. No team voluntarily brings more than four drive units. There are penalties for it every time.' p>

Why is Honda being penalized for late entry?

This could also be important for Honda. In the case of Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, the allocated contingent is also notenough to get through the season. The McLaren pilots have already reached number two for the engine and the MGU-H, and number three for the turbocharger and the MGU-K. Alonso has already used two batteries and two boxes of the power electronics.

In contrast to Renault, Honda gives the impression of understanding its problems and taking the necessary countermeasures for them. The problem with the crumbled drive of the MGU-K no longer appeared in Shanghai. For newcomer Honda, the restriction to four units of the six modules is also a tough nut to crack.

Force India technical director Andy Green finds this unfair: 'Honda should have five in the first year like Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault in 2014 Units are allowed. What is the appeal for new manufacturers if they are worse off in their first year than those who started in 2014? '

We say: A legitimate objection. What do you mean? Should the FIA ​​grant Honda five units in the first year in order to uphold the principle of equality?


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