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Design engineer title for Red Bull: A team with a love of detail

Design engineer title for Red Bull
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I The paddock was booming shortly after crossing the finish line in Korea, 'We are the Champions 'by Queen from the Red Bull Box. Sebastian Vettel sat there in the press conference and told about his race. In Japan he won the world championship. Only a week later he is grinning like a honey cake horse and is happy about the victory in Korea. He has the ambition to always be the best. A third place like in Japan can sometimes cloud the mood - despite winning the title.

Even the victory in Korea wasn't enough for him. There was even more to achieve: for example, the fastest race lap. Although there are no points for it, Vettel and teammate Mark Webber squabbled over and over again last year for the candy for self-confidence. In Korea he managed the feat for the second time this season after the race in Valencia.

'Idiot' Vettel sets fastest lap of the race

'I think they're going to kill me now', Vettel said and smiled. 'Over the radio they said 'You didn't make the fastest lap', which of course isn't true. Then over the radio they said 'Idiot, you did it.' It's really silly. It's just a minor thing. It probably has more to do with the ego, because there are no points. '

This detail shows once again that Vettel is only satisfied when when he has won everything there is to be won. No effort is too much for him to do that. His Red Bull team works on the same principle. Nothing is left to chance.

Although the Red Bull team is one of the fastest at pit stops, they keep practicing. Until every move is perfect. Until exhaustion. To perfection. The Red Bull RB7 is characterized by the same flawlessness. 10 wins, 15 pole positions, 3,454 kilometers in the lead with a total of 9,468 kilometers driven. That corresponds to more than a third of the entire season. The RB7 was always reliable. There was not a single technical failure.

Newey is not celebrating in Korea

Ironically in Korea, where Red Bull last stopped last year due to an engine failure, the team now celebrated winning the Constructors Championship. 'It never gets easier,' says team boss Christian Horner, looking to the future. 'It would be stupid to underestimate Ferrari, McLaren or Mercedes. It would be arrogant to say this performance is normal. It isnot normal. It takes a superhuman effort to try and achieve this. Our competitors will work hard over the winter. Of course we have continuity in all areas. That is very important. 'This continuity also includes technology guru Adrian Newey. He was not in Korea, but was already working on the Red Bull for 2012.

The self-critical consideration is another strength of the team. Conclusions are drawn from mistakes. Resting on the success is out of the question. But as a formerly ridiculed team of a shower manufacturer, don't you feel even more pressure with two drivers 'titles and two constructors' titles? 'The goal is to defend,' says team consultant Helmut Marko. 'We don't have to raise the bar. We work on the attack all the time. We'll carry on like this. 'In the background, loud music continues from the Red Bull box. You can also have fun with it.

In our photo gallery we show you the rapid rise of Red Bull - from Formula 1 entry in 2004 to defending the Constructors' Cup in 2011.


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