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Debris hits Gasly in Sochi: & # 34; Fear for my eye & # 34;

Part of rubble hits Gasly in Sochi
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T he scene was in the crowd at the start of Sochi almost under. Gasly was in the middle of the field when he had an eerie encounter while accelerating out of Turn 2. A piece of carbon flew towards him. It had come off the underbody of Carlos Sainz's Renault.

In Suzuka, Gasly told the dramatic moments from the cockpit perspective. 'The part was pretty big,' reported the Frenchman and showed a span of around 20 centimeters with his hands.

From the victim's point of view, the incident seemed to take place in slow motion and still lasted only fractions of a second. “I see exactly how the thing is flying towards me. And I knew it would hit my helmet. I was really afraid that it would fly through my visor and lose an eye in the process. ”

Hit on unprotected visor area

The carbon part that Gasly hit in Russia was kicked up by cars in front of him.

The upper part of the visor has been protected with a Zylon layer since Felipe Massa's accident in Budapest in 2009, but the devil wanted the carbon stray Gasly to be in the middle the visor.

The Toro Rosso pilot breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, the visor held in the unprotected field of vision. But if I imagine that it would have happened to me at the end of the home straight at 300 km /h, it could have turned out really bad. ”

After Gasly had recovered from his initial shock, he fished it Flying object from the cockpit and threw it out of the car at turn 3. Gasly has not yet had a conversation with Red Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko. The man from Graz wasn't so lucky at the 1972 French GP in Clermont-Ferrand.A blown stone pierced the visor and cost Marko an eye.

Halo doesn't always protect

Later Gasly looked at the scene again in detail on the video from the on-board camera. “At first I thought it would fly straight into my face without hindrance. But the film shows that it hit the right edge of the cockpit first. ”

There is also a potential for danger if the halo is hit first. Firstly, it cannot completely repel all projectiles. Second, he could have deflected the carbon fiber part downwards at the body if it had been shot at.


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