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Death of Hugo Chavez: Maldonado mourns with Venezuela

Death of Hugo Chavez
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D he death of Venezuala's ruler Hugo Chavez did not come as a surprise. The head of state, who had only been confirmed in office in October, was already too ill in January to take the obligatory oath. The cancer had weakened the socialist. Even a trip to Cuba for medical treatment in December did nothing to change his fate.

The death of Chavez was announced in Venezuela on Tuesday at 4:25 p.m. local time. At the same time, seven days of state mourning were ordered. The death of the former military leader is also important for Formula 1. Pastor Maldonado got the cockpit at Williams two years ago only because of the government-prescribed sponsorship millions from his home country.

Maldonado mourns Chavez

The reactions of the F1 driver were correspondingly out of place . 'Long live our leader Chavez,' wrote the 2012 Spain winner on his Twitter page. 'Like all Venezuelans, I feel deep pain. My condolences to the family and our country. Viva Chavez!' Maldonado described his longtime patron as a great man, soldier, fighter and hero.

'Hasta la victoria siempre!' - until everlasting victory. With the slogan of the former revolutionary leader Che Guevara, Maldonado called on the Venezuelans to support the party of Chavez. You rarely hear such words from a well-paid racing driver from the capitalistically dominated Formula 1 glittering world.

Venzuela transfers 30 million a year

The solidarity is not surprising. When Maldonado entered Formula 1 in 2011, he had a total of 150 million British pounds (approx. 172 million euros) in his luggage for his five-year contract. The money came on behalf of Chavez from Venezuelan state companies, such as the oil company PDVSA or the tourism authority.

Williams secured the survival of the financial injection of around 30 million euros a year at the time. The criticism of the Venezuelan opposition of the dowry has been silent since the Barcelona victory in 2012 at the latest. Maldonado is now a national hero. Williams fans don't have to worry either. 'The contract is watertight and will continue after Chavez's death,' confirm internal sources.


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