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Dates Formula 1 tests 2016: Only 2 F1 tests left in Barcelona

Dates Formula 1 tests 2016
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D he fans have something to look forward to this year set a longer winter break. According to the preliminary test plan agreed on by the 11 teams (including Haas F1), the new Formula 1 cars for the 2016 season will not be seen on the test track before March 1. For comparison: This year the winter tests started on February 1st.

The reason for the delayed start of the test drives is the postponement of the start of the season. According to Bernie Ecclestone's current plans, it should not start in Melbourne as usual in mid-March, but only at the beginning of April. Those responsible for F1 want to push the calendar much closer together.

Dates of F1 tests 2016: 1.-4. March and 15.-18. March

There are no longer 3 dates on the preliminary test plan, but only 2. The test week in Jerez has been completely canceled. It should only be driven in Barcelona. The dates for the two 4-day test weeks: 1.-4. March 2016 and 15.-18. March 2016. The engineers have to get by with a third fewer test days.

We can already promise that auto motor und sport will, as usual, report in detail on the test drives. Of course there will also be the popular live ticker of all sessions with times as well as exclusive information and pictures.

Additional Pirelli tests during the winter break

It will not be quiet during the winter break. According to information from auto motor und sport , Pirelli is planning 2 additional tests between the end of the season and the start of the season. The tire manufacturer wants to increase the number of available compounds for its dry tires. Of course, they have to be fully developed before the test drives start in March.

That's why the Italians want to put in an additional week of testing on a race track in hot regions (e.g. Bahrain). According to current plans, one car from a top team and one from a midfield team will be used. The top team has to pay for the stake themselves. For the midfield team, Pirelli is supposed to handle the logistics.

The team's engineers have nothing to say about the tire tests. Pirelli determines when which mixes are run with which setup settings. The data is then openly distributed among all teams. Each racing team may send its own observers,to get an idea for yourself.

In addition to the dry tire test, there should also be a special date for testing new rain rubbers. This should also be driven with 2015 cars. According to the latest plans, the test will probably take place on Paul Ricard's artificially irrigated track in February 2016.


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