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Dates Formula 1 presentations 2018: Presentation of F1 cars

Dates F1 presentations 2018
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D he Formula 1 fans must show a little patience. While the 10 teams' factories are working at full speed on the new cars, strict silence applies to the outside world. Until shortly before the start of the official test drives on February 26th, no information will leak to the public - and of course also no pictures.

The tension before the revelations this year is particularly great. How much will the introduction of the halo spoil the look of the cars? Are the brackets better integrated into the chassis than in the test runs? Has a team even found a special trick? And what do the cars look like without the big airbox fins that we were used to from last season?

Mercedes and Ferrari unveil at the same time

At the end of February, we are all smarter. As usual, most teams don't plan to unveil their cars until the last week before the test starts. In contrast to the previous year, many of the presentations do not take place in front of an audience in the factories, but only in the form of videos and photos that are distributed over the Internet. Haas F1 will start on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2018.

Mercedes is presenting its car in Silverstone, just like last year.

The laudable exceptions are Mercedes , Ferrari and also Williams, who pulled the cloth off a 2018 F1 racing car on February 15th. On February 22nd, Mercedes rented the Silverstone track for a full day to unveil the new Silver Arrow and complete the first laps at the shakedown. Journalists can take a closer look at the car and ask those responsible with questions.

The new Ferrari will also see the light on February 22ndof the world. A few selected press representatives are also invited to Maranello to attend the ceremony at the company headquarters and to elicit some information about the new red goddess from those responsible. Williams has planned a presentation in the middle of London on February 15th.

Red Bull is even earlier than the two World Cup rivals. To the surprise of the scene. The team around star designer Adrian Newey is actually known for tinkering down to the last second and keeping the competition in the dark for as long as possible. Not this time. Because there was a deadline for the engineers. Red Bull wants to show the RB14 on February 19th.

Renault and Sauber are also among the faster teams. The first pictures of their racing cars are to be distributed on the teams' websites and via social channels on Tuesday, February 20th.

Toro Rosso has to postpone presentation

Toro Rosso actually wanted to be on February 25th, pull the cloth off the car. As in previous years, a presentation was planned in the pit lane of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. But these plans were thwarted by Ferrari. The Italian works team rented the track for the entire Sunday for a so-called film day. Therefore, the Toro Rosso unveiling had to be postponed to Monday morning. The STR13 will therefore only be presented a few minutes before the official start of the test.

The same applies to Force India. Those responsible pondered for a long time when the big ceremony should start. In the end, just like Toro Rosso, they decided on a unveiling shortly before the test start on Monday in Barcelona. Not only should the new car be shown for the first time, but also the new team name. Force India will probably be renamed Force F1 Team.


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