Dani's picture box GP Monaco 2015

Daniel Reinhard
Dani's picture box GP Monaco 2015
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A he photographers are more and more locked out on modern race tracks. Huge run-off areas, inaccessible stretches of road and a lack of gaps in the security fences make life difficult for the photographers.

Photographer shows Monaco from the driver's point of view

It's different in Monaco. Here the artists stand with their lenses a few centimeters away from the fast cars. Separated only by a guardrail, the racing cars race past the lenses. This is how fascinating photos are taken every season.

This year auto motor und sport photographer Daniel Reinhard has come up with a very special campaign for his 'picture box'. The Swiss not only shows the spectacle from the viewer's point of view, but also gives you the driver's perspective. For this, the artist went on the track via the gang.

Of course, as usual, there is no lack of expressive portraits and artistically staged racing cars in the picture box. In the personal captions, the photographer will tell you what he was thinking about his shots, which were not always taken seriously. Have fun!


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